Bandung 1 Day City Tour (Part 2: Factory Outlets)

Jalan Dago Factory Outlets

Bandung, much like Jakarta is a shopper's paradise. You cannot go one mile without passing by a shopping mall. I am not a shopaholic nor a mall rat. When I go to a mall I tend to spend waste my money on junk foods, crappy movies and overprice coffee rather than any piece of fashionable clothing. Clearly, this is not my favorite part of the day but shopping is one of Bandung's main attraction so when in Rome, right?

First stop, Jalan Dago. This street is where you will find a row of factory outlets that sells imported clothes and accessories from the US.

Bandung Factory Outlets
Jet Set Factory Outlet

At Jetset you can score this Havaianas flipflops for just 145,000 IDR or 15 USD.
Bandung Factory Outlets
 or this funky and colorful leggings that will add spunk to your otherwise boring outfit.
Bandung Factory Outlets

Next up is Blossom, an outlet store for the whole family.
Bandung Factory Outlets
Blossom Family Outlet
 Add this classic logo tees to your Hard Rock Cafe city shirt collection.
Bandung Factory Outlets
If you're style is more hip and urban, head over to Glow for the latest fashion trend.
Bandung Factory Outlets
Glow Factory Outlet
This wall combines design and function. The pipes not only attract the customers it also double as shelves.Bandung Factory Outlets
The House of Donatello is a local brand that sells quality leather goods such as shoes, wallets and bags.
Bandung Factory Outlets
House of Donatello
You wouldn't miss this overprice Bandung City souvenir shirts because it's located right at the sidewalk.
Bandung Factory Outlets
Bandung souvenir shirts
The above mentioned stores are just a sample of what Jalan Dago can offer. There's a whole lot more shops that I didn't bother going to. I didn't even cross the other side of the street where another row of outlets are screaming SALE and discounts.

All that window shopping has made me seriously hungry. I went back to the parking area and found Eddie eating Baso Tahu Siomay from a food cart. I ordered one bowl for myself even though I didn't know what it is.

 Baso Tahu is a mixture of steamed fish, sweet potatoes and boiled egg in peanut sauce with a sprinkle of lemon juice.  It was surprisingly yummy and filling.
Baso Tahu Siomay Bandung
Baso Tahu Siomay
After spending a couple of hours in Jalan Dago. We went to Paris Van Java Mall. This is for the people who who wants to seriously splurge on new arrivals and branded clothes.
Paris Van Java Mall
Paris Van Java Mall
Obviously, I'm not one of those people. So I just went to Ooh La La Cafe to have a much needed caffeinated refreshment.
Paris Van Java Mall
Ooh La La Cafe
Eddie wanted to bring me to another shopping area in Jalan Riau and Rumah Mode but I told him to just skip it. I asked to pause the tour for a while and go back to the hotel. I was dead tired from my imaginary shopping and my feet was killing with all the walking I've done since the Tangkuban Perahu tour early in the morning. We went back to the hotel at around 4pm and agreed to continue at 7pm.

By the way incase you were wondering if I bought anything. I did, just one. It's a pink shirt with a retro style print of Wilma Flintstone. I wouldn't have bought it, but one does not simply refuse Wilma, she's Fred's wife and Pebble's mother you know.

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  1. It seems like Bandung is now more popular for shopping, particularly modern apparels on these factory outlet stores, than many other attractions which actually amazingly numerous, from breathtaking nature to enchanting culture.