Top 5 Places to Visit in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium

1. Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula

Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula
the Gothic styled cathedral was built during the 11th century but the two towers were added 2 centuries later
photo by jaimilee090/ CC by

Perched on the Treurenberg hill is the glorious Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula. It is named after the patron saint of Brussels and considered to be the favoured Catholic church of the Belgian royal family.

Travel Etiquette: 26 Tips on How to Behave Abroad

The Do's and Don'ts When Travelling

travel tips on how to behave abroad

  1. Always remember that you are a representative of your country.
  2. Always respect the customs of other countries.
  3. Understand and abide by all laws.

Yogyakarta On Two Wheels: Part 1 (Motorcycle Tour)

Yogyakarta: Java's Cradle of Civilization

It is a widely accepted fact that Yogyakarta is the most popular tourist destination in Java. Because even if Jakarta is the industrial powerhouse, and capital of Indonesia, Yogyakarta remains to be Java’s heart and soul. This city—often called Jogja—is a hub for traditional arts, culture and education.

With so much history cultivated in its soils, there's no shortage of cultural facilities to explore. It's as if when past kings and sultans surveyed the island to build their kingdoms, they all decided to keep it all in central Java, and as close to Yogyakarta as possible.

Prambanan: The Hindu Temple That Rivals Borobudur

Rising Above the Shadows of Borobudur

Prambanan Temple - Yogyakarta Indonesia

It was 5 pm when we arrived at Prambanan, just mere minutes before the closing of the ticketing booth, and less than an hour until the complex closes. With time trickling down, I knew I won’t get to explore the whole site and get my money’s worth. And quite frankly, at that point I felt that I’ve already reached my temple appreciation limit—if there is even such a thing. Alas, I admit, my temple run from Semarang to Yogyakarta might’ve been a tad overreaching. Oh well, at least the promise of a beautiful sunset awaits—my guide Fauzi assured me.

Candi Borobudur: Standing Tall Against All Odds

Candi Borobudur: Standing Tall Against All Odds

Borobudur is a Buddhist stupa and temple complex located in Central Java—40 km northwest of Yogyakarta. Listed as one of the largest and most famous Buddhist temples in the world, it is definitely a must-see attraction in Java and perhaps, the most culturally important site in all of Indonesia.