Yes To Travel is a product of the blogger's insane brain farts that may or may not be the side effect of her caffeine addiction and child like wonder.

The eye catching and powerful photos in this site are the result of the blogger's eye for awesomeness, shaky hands, Instagram filters and mad MS paint skills.

Do believe that all the stories published here are true and experienced first hand by this daredevil blogger whose shady memory may lead to minor inconsistencies and over the top storytelling but rest assured the epic dialogues and legendary misadventures indeed happen somewhere in this amazing planet of ours.

The said blogger is a closeted fame-whore and attention hog and is more than willing to spread her bounty of wisdom that borders on lunacy but sometimes useful tidbits. If you wish to grab some photos and articles then you are definitely a lunatic. Why in the world will you ever need them?

The blogger will pretend to be surprised but deep inside her badass little heart is bursting with joy and her goofy toothy smile turns into a confident smirk and killer swagger. So go ahead and show her some undeserve attention by leaving some comments or sending your emails and queries to yestotravel13@yahoo.com. No haters and bad vibes, pretty please.

So basically this blog is fueled by the blogger's caffeine fix, badassery, awesomeness and a handful of idiocy and misfortunes. The blogger has more than enough supply of the last four. But she sometimes run out of caffeine. So the next time you read her posts and don't find it interesting try to reflect and ponder. Maybe she  just run out of coffee.

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    what are the must do and see at jakarta? i believe you are very adventurous and wise traveler.