Hotel Review: Night Bazaar Inn (Chiang Mai)

Night Bazaar Inn

318/1 Chiangmai-Lamphun Road T.Watkate A.Muang, Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai

Tel: +66 53217291

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Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand


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The Night Bazaar Inn is a budget-friendly accommodation catered towards the tourists who want to stay in the Nightlife area of Chiang Mai. It is centrally located between two of the most visited Night Markets of the city—Kalare and Anusarn. You really won't have to go far because there are plenty of restaurants and shops, immediately outside the hotel.

Location of Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand
Kalare Night Bazaar
photo by David Mckelvey/ CC by

Location of Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand
Anusarn Market

Also, the Ping River is just a couple of blocks away. Along its banks is a strip of riverside pubs and bars. So if you fancy yourself some cocktails and live music, you'd be please to know that it's just a stone's throw away.

And to sum up how spot-on this hotel is located. The Thapae Gate of the  Old City is just a ten minute walk. The airport is 7 km away, while the railway station is just 7 minutes of tuktuk ride to reach.

Quite unfortunately though, the location is perhaps the only notable thing about this hotel. Everything else is substandard.

Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand

The Night Bazaar Inn is old and a little bit rundown. You could tell that it’s been around for atleast a decade--unfortunately however, it decided to stay there. The owners perhaps do not know the word ‘renovate’ or ‘upgrade’.

Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand
Standard twin room

Like most old hotels, the rooms are big and spacious. Great for travelers with big luggages. Room amenities include: small television, desk, refrigerator, wardrobe, telephone, wifi, glasses, towels and 2 bottled waters (replenished daily).

Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand

Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand

My room had a window, I suppose because it is a smoking room. There's no view though--unless you're into pondering over empty lots. But still, a window is always an added bonus to hotel rooms nowadays.

Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand

Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand
view from the 5th floor
The bathroom has separate shower and toilet (with bidet). I can't remember if there was hot water running in the shower. You won't need it anyway. The heat and humidity in Thailand would make you want to jump on an ice cold tub all the time. I do remember having free toiletries (not in the photos) and the towels being replaced daily.

Night Bazaar Inn Chiang Mai Thailand

As for the staff, they were very friendly and accommodating. The let me check-in early and stored my luggage after I checked out. I even got help going to the railway station. One of the staff flagged down a tuktuk and negotiated a fair price for me. 

Overall, the Night Bazaar Inn is a convenient hotel that'll cover your basic needs. With the vast attractions in Chiang Mai, you're gonna be out most of the time anyways. So if you're only looking for a decent space to crash then this hotel is more than up for it. 

It is especially ideal for people who would most likely spend their nights outside as well. It’ll be great knowing that you can easily walk back to your hotel (sober or not) after a night of drinking . The streets are alive and well lit until midnight so it is not scary even for females to walk outside.

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