40 Airport and Flying Tips For a Hassle-Free Journey

The Definitive List of Airport Hacks and Flying Tips

Airport and Flying Tips

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  1. Always allow plenty of check-in time before your plane departs, especially during times of increased security.
  2. Airlines request you be there at least two hours prior to international departures.
  3. Weigh and measure your bags. Airlines have different carry-on dimensions and maximum luggage size.
    Airport and Flying Tips

  4. Make certain your luggage is easily identifiable and won’t be mistakenly picked up by someone else.
  5. Never leave valuables in your luggage, always carry them on board the plane.
  6. Do not pack your passport in your check-in luggage.
  7. Be sure that you do not have a prohibited item on your carry-on luggage. 

  8. Airport and Flying Tips
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  9. Carry your medications on board the plane with you in case your checked baggage gets lost.
  10. When checking in, make sure the ticket agent tags each bag.
  11. You can pick your seat if you check-in early. Window seat is great for sleeping, isle seat is great for stretching and accessing the bathroom and exit row seat provides the most legroom.

  12. Airport and Flying Tips
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  13. Also, sitting toward the front of the aircraft will provide a smoother, quieter ride. But most people survive plane crashes when sitting nearer the tail of the plane.
  14. Never leave your luggage unattended, it will be picked up by airport security or worse, get stolen.
  15. Wrap backpacks in plastic wrap before checking them in. This will save the straps.
  16. Don’t complain about rough baggage handling, it’s always been that way. Just buy a sturdy suitcase.
  17. Pay attention to the airport monitors for any flight delays or terminal gate change.

  18. Airport and Flying Tips
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  19. Be at the boarding gate atleast 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. 
  20. If you haven't memorized it by now, pay attention to, and understand all flight safety instructions before taking off, especially the nearest exit in either direction from your seat.
  21. If possible, wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing while flying.
  22. Most airlines can arrange to serve you special meals i.e. vegetarian, kosher, halal, diabetic or children’s meals.

  23. Airport and Flying Tips
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  24. Attempt to refrain from drinking too much alcohol on long flights.
  25. Do, however, drink plenty of water. The cabin's dry air can lead to dry skin and dehydration.
  26. If your ears pop during a flight, chew bubble gum or blow your nose.
  27. Avoid crossing your legs on long flights. This impedes the circulation and promotes blood clots.
  28. On long flights, walk around the cabin of the plane every hour or so to help with your blood's circulation.

  29. Airport and Flying Tips
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  30. If there is a row of empty seats on the plane, ask the flight attendant if you may move in order to stretch out.
  31. If using a blanket while sleeping on a plane, fasten your seat belt over the blanket in order not to be disturbed.
  32. Be aware of time zone changes; reset your watch before your plane lands.
  33. Don’t forget your bags in the overhead compartment.

  34. Airport and Flying Tips
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  35. Also, check the seat pocket in front of you or avoid using it for storing very valuable items or documents.
  36. Have your travel documents ready for the immigration official, but don’t include unnecessary papers with them.
  37. When asked what the purpose of your trip is, always reply “pleasure,” unless you are travelling on a business or special visa.

  38. Airport and Flying Tips
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  39. Know which items must be declared at customs.
  40. If your bag is inspected, watch the customs official going through your bag.
  41. If you are a member of a frequent flyer club, save all of your ticket receipts in case you are not credited for your miles.
  42. Get to your luggage on the carousel before someone else does.

  43. Airport and Flying Tips
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  44. Never throw away your luggage claim checks until you have left the airport.
  45. Exchange currency at the airport only for one day’s worth of expenses. Rates at the city center are always better.
  46. If arriving alone during the wee hours with nobody to pick you up. It might be safer to stay inside the airport until morning. Sleeping at the airport is not at all uncommon.
  47. Have an exit strategy. Research about the airport's public transport to the city.
  48. Airport taxis are expensive and are always located right outside the arrival area. The departure area is your best bet to catch a metered cab.

  49. Airport and Flying Tips
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