Top 5 Places to Visit in Berlin

Berlin, Germany

1. Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate Berlin Germany
Brandenburg Gate
photo by Raul/ CC by

No trip to Berlin is complete without seeing the historical Brandenburg Gate. It used to be a reminder of the turbulent history of the Cold war that divided Berlin. Today, the Brandenburg Gate is celebrated as a symbol of peace and reunification.


Unter Den Linden Avenue Berlin Germany
Unter Den Linden Avenue
photo by Johan/ CC by

You will find the gate at the western part of the city centre, right towards the end of the Unter den Linden Avenue.  It is easy to spot with its very high pillars resembling that of the Acropolis in Athens.

2. Reichstag

Reichstag Berlin Germany
photo by Stadtlichtpunkte/ CC by

The Reichstag Building houses the German Parliament, the Bundestag. It is a historical landmark built between 1884 and 1894. Although heavily destroyed by a huge fire in 1933 and the Battle of Berlin in 1945, The Reichstag Building still stands today.

Glass Dome

Glass dome of the Reichstag Berlin Germany
Glass Dome
photo by Luke Ratzlaff/ CC by

The Reichstag is famous for its Neo-Renaissance architecture. Fortunately, you don’t have to admire the building just by its exteriors. The building’s roof is open to the public and accessible by elevator. A spiral walkway will lead you to the top of the dome providing you a panoramic view of Berlin.

3. East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery Berlin Germany
East Side Gallery
photo by Rae Allen/ CC by

You might have heard of the Berlin Wall and its rise and fall. Well most of the walls have already been dismantled and The East Side Gallery is the longest stretch of the wall in existence. It is measured at 1316 meters stretching between Warschauer Strasse and the Ostbahnhof.

Memorial to freedom

"Brotherly Kiss" by Dmitri Vrubel in East Side Gallery
"Brotherly Kiss" by Dmitri Vrubel
photo by lollo255/ CC by

To walk leisurely along the East Side Gallery is a quite an experience. Admire over a hundred of artistic painting from renowned artists all over the world.

4. Museum Island

Museum Island Berlin Germany
Museum Island
photo by Scipio/ CC by

It is impossible to pass up on an area with so many wonderful museums located so closely together. The Museum Island complex is home to five significant museums that showcases 6000 years of world history. But with so many museums, it is quite a daunting task, where do you start?

Pergamon Museum

Ishtar Gate of Babylon in Pergamon Museum Berlin
Ishtar Gate of Babylon
photo by David Almeida/ CC by

Each museum is interesting in its own right but if you don’t have the luxury of time then the Pergamon Museum is a good starting point. It boasts of the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, a favourite among tourist.

The island itself is a lovely place. There’s sure to be a beautiful architecture in every direction. Whether you are there to view the museums or just spend some time at the complex, you will surely have a splendid time.

5. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Kaiser Wilhelm Church Berlin Germany
Kaiser Wilhelm Church
photo by Paul Kamblock/ CC by

It is a known fact that by the end of World War II, Berlin’s historic infrastructures have been heavily ruined. Most of them have long since been torn down and The Kaiser Wilhelm Church could’ve been one of them. Fortunately, the people of Berlin protested the demolition in favour of its preservation.

History and Modernism combined

Kaiser Wilhelm Church Berlin Germany
Inside the new church
photo by Jenny/ CC by

Today, you may still admire the ruins of the famous landmark at the busy streets of Breitscheidplatz. Next to the remains of the old church rises a modern blue glass church that is a fantastic site to behold.

The old ruins and its history combined with the contemporary church will make your visit definitely worthwhile. It is a living contrast of the old and new Berlin.

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