Hotel Review: Merbabu Hotel (Yogyakarta)

Merbabu Hotel

JL. Sosrowijayan GT I NO.32, Yogyakarta City Center, Indonesia
Tel: +62 274 551 421
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Merbabu Hotel is a bed and breakfast located right smack at the heart of Yogyakarta City. It is tucked in a narrow street along Jalan Sosrowijan called Gang 1--one of the two lanes that cater to backpackers.

Everything you'll need is just a stone's throw away. The popular Malioboro street is just one block away and the Yogyakarta train station is so near that you can haul your heavy luggage on foot in less than 10 minutes. Also within walking distance are two of the Yogyakarta's top attractions, The Kraton and Taman Sari.

Malioboro Yogyakarta Indonesia
Jalan Malioboro

photo by César González Palomo/ CC by

There are plenty of accommodations to choose from in Malioboro, from budget guesthouses to five star hotels. However, despite of the heavy competition, the facilities and interiors of the guesthouses are more or less the same. I decided to book at Merbabu Hotel because they had a cheap room with basic facilities and free breakfast that was well within my budget.

Merbabu Hotel Yogyakarta Indonesia
entrance and lobby

The Standard Room I stayed in was equipped with a fan, desk, bathroom and a balcony. I can make do without a television or an air conditioner, but not without a private bathroom. Yes, even if the bathroom is as basic it can get. There's no hot shower and if I remember correctly, not even a sink.

Merbabu Hotel Yogyakarta Indonesia
Standard Fan Room
Merbabu Hotel Yogyakarta Indonesia

As seen on the photos, the room is so small that there isn't even a space for a closet. Surprisingly though, instead of a window, there is a small balcony. The view--or lack thereof--is nothing spectacular but the daylight and summer breeze it brings inside the room makes a whole lot of difference.

Merbabu Hotel Yogyakarta Indonesia

Merbabu Hotel Yogyakarta Indonesia
view from the balcony

The staff were okay. They weren't as friendly but they were always courteous. They don't clean the rooms nor replace the bins daily however they are quick to respond when their assistance is needed.

My room is on the top most level which is on the same floor as the dining area for breakfast. The breakfast was limited to 4 choices--fried rice, toast and jam, omelette and noodle soup. It is not a restaurant so you can't order anything else.

Merbabu Hotel Yogyakarta Indonesia
Roof top dining area

If you're looking for a real restaurant though, you won't have to look further. Right next door to Merbabu Hotel is the Superman Restaurant. They serve good food and a wide variety of Western and Asian dishes.

Superman Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia
Superman Restaurant

Also in the surrounding area are a number of travel agents, motorbike and bicycle rentals. The Merbabu Hotel also offers tours and transport service but it is cheaper to book outside so I recommend to shop around and haggle for the best deal.

All in all, Merbabu Hotel is a centrally located, no-frills, budget accommodation. If all you need is a basic room with attached bathroom, then this hotel will give you your money's worth. 

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