40 Tips Before You Travel Abroad

All the Planning You Need Before You Leave

  1. Some countries are strict with passport expiration. To be safe, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months on the date of your exit.
  2. Know if you must obtain a visa on countries you plan to visit. Allow plenty of time for applying.
  3. Find out what immunizations you may need two months before your departure.
  4. Read about your destination before going there… not while you’re there.

  5. When buying a suitcase, consider getting a 4-wheeled spinner luggage. It's easy to maneuver and it stands upright at all times.
  6. Attempt to pack light. If you don’t believe you will use it…don’t bring it along.
  7. Make an effort to pack with some sense of organization.
  8. Luggage packing guide
    Luggage packing guide
  9. Research about the weather. Make certain the clothing you bring matches the climate you will be in.
  10. If traveling in a cold climate, rely on a layering system of clothing as oppose to thick and bulky jackets.
  11. If you think you may be doing a lot of walking, consider hiking boots as opposed to athletic shoes.
  12. Bring clothes of neutral colors that you can mix and match.
  13. Always bring along a pair of sunglasses.
  14. Bring a small daypack or body bag to carry loose items when strolling the streets.
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  16. Don’t forget to bring any prescribed medications. Check with the appropriate embassy to make certain you will have no problems getting that medication into specific countries.
  17. Store containers with liquids inside a plastic bag.
  18. Bring some anti-diarrhea medication such as Imodium.
  19. Don’t forget to pack any personal hygiene items you may need.
  20. Different countries have different plugs and sockets. You might consider purchasing a universal adapter .
  21. travel plug and socket guide
    travel plug and socket guide

  22. Bring along spare batteries and memory cards.
  23. Pack a pocket flashlight.
  24. Planning to bring several books?  Consider buying an ebook reader .
  25. Traveling to Asia? Try to learn how to use the chopsticks.
  26. Learn the basics of digital photography. 
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  28. If traveling to another continent, bring a watch that displays more than one time zone.
  29. Bring with you one nice set of dress clothes.
  30. Leave the expensive jewelry at home.
  31. Try to pack slightly less than your luggage can carry. This way you will have room for souvenirs.
  32. When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money.  ~Susan Heller
  33. Travel a lot? Consider bringing a laptop. You can now book plane tickets, hotel rooms, tours and car rentals online.
  34. Photocopy all of your travel documents. Don’t pack those copies in the same bag as your originals.
  35. Also, keep a back-up of those documents in a digital storage that you can access online from anywhere. Try Dropbox.
  36. Don’t forget that a Swiss Army knife is one of the world’s most useful tools.
  37. 10 uses of the swiss army knife
    multiple ways to use the Swiss Army knife

  38. Do not pack that knife in your carry-on luggage while flying.
  39. Use locks that are TSA approved and recognized.
  40. Have your travel agent provide you information about trip insurance, medical treatment and evacuation insurance.
  41. Always read the fine print.
  42. Choose a travel partner wisely, making sure you'll be able to get along, and work together.
  43. Unless you're travelling long-term, make plans. Ask yourself as well as your travel companions what it is you all wish to do and work from there.
  44. Leave your itinerary and hotel information with someone at home in case of an emergency.
  45. Make sure your bills are taken cared of before you leave.

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