Top 5 Places to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

1. Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain
photo by Serge Melkl/ CC by

The Sagrada Familia is the last great work of surrealist architect Antoni Gaudi. It is a testament to his visionary genius and distinctive style that is way ahead of his time and generation. A world renown architectural jewel, Sagrada Familia is utterly phenomenal and truly one of a kind. You will never see such complex work of art anywhere else in the world.

Still under construction

Antonio Gaudi worked on this masterpiece for roughly 40 years but never finished. The Sagrada Familia has been under construction for over 100 years and is not nearly closed to being done. It is projected to be completed by year 2026 to commemorate Gaudi's 100th death anniversary.

2. Casa Batllo
Photo by Rosalba Casalnuovo/ CC by

The Casa Batllo is another Gaudi site in Barcelona you should not miss. The rippled facade, colourful tiles, arched ceilings and general lack of straight lines collectively makes for a psychedelic experience that will blow your mind. Every room you will enter is whimsical and visually stunning.

Free audio guide

The cost of admission to Casa Batllo is quite expensive but definitely worth it. Tickets are priced at 21.50 euro including the free audio guide. The audio guide is necessary to understand the symbols and meanings behind Gaudi's artistic design.

3. Palace of Catalan Music
Palace of Catalan Music Barcelona Spain
Photo by kkmarais/ CC by 

Treat yourself to an opera, guitar concert or flamenco performance at the spectacular Palace of Catalan Music. This concert hall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in 1908 by the modernist architect Lluis Domenech I Montaner.

More than its great acoustics, the Palace of Catalan Music is admired most for its glorious design inside and out. The exquisite stained glass ceiling at the center of the hall will take your breath away. The walls are equally astonishing, plastered with vivid tile fragments that seem never ending. There is so much beauty to admire that it can be challenging to focus your eyes on the performance.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic Barcelona Spain
Photo by Sean Murray/ CC by

The Magic Fountain is one of the most sought after entertainment in Barcelona. It is located at Montjuic, where every weekend the crowds come together for a night of water spectacle. The Magic Fountain delivers a magical display of color, light and streaming water dancing to the beat of the music. The show is really entertaining that it is mindboggling how mere water explosion can command your full attention for a solid thirty minutes.

Festive spirit

It is heart-warming sight to see families, couples and children all gathered around the Magic Fountain. You will feel the festive spirit in the atmosphere as you see the joyful smile of the people surrounding you and enjoying themselves.

5. Tibidado Mountain
Tibidado Mountain Barcelona Spain
Photo by Andrew Larsen/ CC by

Mount Tibidado provides the most incredible views of Barcelona. The travel to get there is already half the fun—you need to first ride the bus or train, followed by the tram and finally the funicular. If you are a hiking enthusiast there is a trail on the tram station that will lead you to the peak.

As you approach the top you will be drawn by the astonishing Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You can take the elevator to the top and see Barcelona from its highest point. Below the temple grounds is the century old amusement park that is worth visiting in itself.

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