Siam Niramit: The Must-See Show Of Thailand

Siam Niramit is a world-class show about Thailand's colorful heritage, culture, and spirituality. It has won numerous International awards and captivated audiences of all nations. Siam Niramit prides itself for its big budget set designs, advance technology and stimulating special effects that can rival that of a Las Vegas or a Broadway headliner. The venue itself holds the Guinness Book of Records for having the tallest stage in the world which is more than enough to accommodate the show's over a hundred performers.

I bought my ticket online at Hotels2Thailand  for 1360 THB I picked the standard seat with buffet dinner and roundtrip transfer package. A pretty good deal because tickets at Siam Niramit normally costs 1500 THB for the standard seat alone.

Siam Niramit strictly prohibits bringing in a camera inside the theater so I just left mine at the hotel. All photos I took were taken from my cellphone so prepare your eyes for the unnecessary but sorta artsy dark and yellow tones. I am not trying to be grungy or anything.

Siam Niramit
Siam Niramit Complex

The drive to Siam Niramit from Khao San was around 30 minutes including the pick-ups. There were only three of us sharing the roundtrip transfer. It was me and this lovely old couple from Singapore who were a delight to talk to. They let me sit with them at the restaurant for dinner.
The couple has started travelling just recently so they were pretty amaze at my courage to travel solo, especially in Bangkok. I told them that Bangkok and the rest of Thailand is almost the same as the Philippines. The infrastructures, the weather, transportation and the people are practically identical. Even I, look Thai. They agree.

They are from Singapore, a developed and modern country. To them and most westerners Bangkok is exotic and chaotic. For me and most Filipinos it feels like home.

They were such nice people that they even invited me to stay at their place when I go to Singapore which was kind of a missed opportunity because I was there just a little over a week before.
Siam Niramit
Siam Niramit Restaurant
I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner. The food was good and the awesome couple I shared it with made the dining experience even more enjoyable. The extra 250 THB was definitely worth it.
Siam Niramit
We went out of the restaurant an hour before the show starts. Outside the theater were various attractions for visitors to enjoy.
Siam Niramit
At the center of it all is the big fountain pond with statues similar to the Siam Niramit characters.
Siam Niramit Fountain
The center of attraction of course goes to the crowd favorite Siam Niramit Elephant. You can ride the elephant around the complex for 100 THB.
Siam Niramit Elephant
or feed it for 30 THB.
Siam Niramit Elephant
or just take a photo beside it for free.
Siam Niramit Elephant
 but beware of the sudden swinging of its trunks. 
Siam Niramit Elephant
On the other side of the complex are dancers performing different Thai cultural dances.
Siam Niramit Dancers
 Siam Niramit Dancers

The auditorium was opened twenty minutes before showtime. Getting inside was a drag because of the no-camera policy. They check the bags meticulously as if looking for a bomb and then frisk your pockets after in case you're a smart ass.

Cameras are deposited near the entrance hall for safekeeping. The Siam Niramit security is so strict that even some cellphones (touchscreen smartphones) had to be surrendered. My phone is touchscreen and it is rather big. I didn't want to go through the hassle of depositing it and then lining up again so instead of trying to sneak it somewhere I did the obvious. I wrapped it with my scarf and hold it on one hand. It turns out that they were too occupied with checking my bag and frisking my waist and pockets to notice whatever I was holding. Score.

But Even if I had my cellphone I didn't risk taking any photos inside. I am not that fearless. So you just have to take my word for it. The show is entertaining and definitely worth your time and money. Unless for some reason you don't like spectacular set designs, lavish costumes and a hundred graceful performers dancing, singing, flipping and tumbling around a gigantic stage then I suggest you skip it.

Well okay, It is not for everyone. Although it is an extravagant and massive production it is still a cultural show, it is lengthy and can get dull and boring at some parts. But if you could spare some time for the Ladyboy Cabaret shows at Soi Cowboy and withstand the entire Ping-Pong show at Patpong without so much as a wince, then there's no excuse for you to not see the Siam Niramit.

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