I Went Bananas Over Cebu Pacific's Diez Iz It Promo!

I have just booked four one way tickets to four different cities in the Philippines in just one sitting. In total I managed to book four flights from Cebu Pacific for P2753.80 all in. That's Manila-Cagayan De Oro-Davao-Cebu/Bohol-Manila. I could've saved P600 more had I not opted to add the small baggage allowance. How did I do it?

Here's the play by play.

It all started while I was watching the news. They were featuring the Sinulog Festival in Cebu which is one of the biggest festivals in the Philippines. It attracts a lot of tourists from all over the country who are mostly devotees of the Sto. Nino. Just by watching on television you'll feel the festive spirit of the place and the people which got me thinking, When was the last time I attended a Philippine Festival outside Manila and Pampanga? Dinagyang 2008 in Iloilo or maybe 2007. I'm not even sure.

So I had to put it in this year's travel bucketlist. Attend at least one major Philippine Festival this year. I asked my friend Google the list of upcoming festivals this year and one event caught my fancy. Its the Kadayawan sa Dabaw: The King of all festivals. I have to be there!

Kadayawan is on August 17-18 at Davao City. So Naturally I need to say what's up to my other dear friend Cebu Pacific. Guess what he answered. DIEZ IS It!

cebu pacific sale
It's the 10 peso seat sale to all Philippine destinations from June 1 to August 31, 2013 travel period. How awesome is that? Well it wasn't that easy. The promo fares from Manila to Davao on Kadayawan week are already sold out. The cheapest fare available  is P1889 one way, not yet included are the tax and baggage allowance fees. In total a Manila-Davao-Manila roundtrip fare would cost me P5902.36. What the hell Cebu Pacific I thought we're friends.

I always booked promo for my travels but I have never scored the much sought and elusive Cebu Pacific Piso fare. Upon that realization and disappointment I decided that I will book atleast one P10 ticket before the sale ends. It doesn't even matter where I go or if I actually go through with it eventually. I just really wanted to book one and savor the feeling of scoring a huge discount and saving big money.Yes, it doesn't make sense. That's my impulsive behavior speaking.

Since all regional flights are on sale. I thought of going to Davao by flying to a nearby province instead then just get there by bus. I checked the Manila to Cagayan De Oro flight and found out that the 10 peso fare schedules are available almost daily. My heart jumped and all of a sudden my fingers alternated on typing on the keyboard and jotting down dates and cities almost mechanically as if it were trained to do so. That's when the booking madness began.

Looking at my scratch paper I realized that I was planning an all new itinerary outside of the Kadayawan Festival. It started when I mocked booked the Manila to Cagayan De Oro route and was pleased of how cheap the tickets were. And so my already impulsive thinking went full YOLO state of mind.

When I finally snapped out of my Cebu Pacific trance and booking frenzy I managed to book four one-way tickets on a 2 week solo travel that I have absolutely no funds for. All in all it cost me P2753.80 or around 70 USD for flights to Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Cebu, Bohol and back to Manila. All 10 Peso Seats plus tax and miscellaneous fees. It is more than 50% cheaper than the Manila-Davao-Manila route. Ain't that wander-full.

I can say that booking cheap tickets is a travelling thrill in itself. I know that while I was booking those tickets somewhere behind their computers are travel freaks and cheapos that are doing the same thing. Our hearts beating faster and our adrenalin pumping in unison. We were simultaneously cursing every sold out promo dates and fist pumping every confirmed booking.

Now with the confirmed itineraries on my inbox, the waiting, anticipating, researching and a whole lot of saving begins. I can't wait! Oh snap, I was already doing those things for my upcoming Malaysia trip on April. I guess I'll just have to go crazy stingy from now on.

Happy saying YES TO TRAVEL folks!


  1. Hi! Thanks for the travel tips especially about Bandung to add to my list. I'm traveling solo this year and stalking blogs for my itinerary.

    Contact me when you're in Cebu if you don't know anybody. :)

    1. Bandung is a nice place but a little expensive for solo travel because of the tour and transportation. But its definitely a good place to start your Java itinerary after Jakarta.

      I hope to meet you in Cebu. I have no family or friends there, I think.