10 Things To Consider When Planning Your Itinerary

A guide to planning a travel itinerary 

So you are done drafting the most detailed and ambitious itinerary you hope to accomplish but is it doable? Before hitting the print button try to check if the list below has been considered.

1. Time to spend in each place. 

Some tourists load up their schedules as if their only goal is to take one good photo behind a famous landmark and move on. Seriously, why even bother?

And then there's the first time travelers who wants to accomplish a lot thinking they can pull it off. It's not Amazing Race, there's no need to rush. So before adding another place or attraction to your itinerary consider first how many hours you are going to spend in the previous places. Some attractions are meant to be explored for one full day. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Ocean Park, Safari  and basically any Amusement Park that involves rides, slides, animals, shows, kids and long lines are definitely a whole day affair.

disneyland anaheim

2. Transportation

Do you know how to get there? Take note of the modes of transportation available before finalizing your itinerary. If you don't know how to get to your location your scheduled plan will be for naught. Your time will be wasted scratching your head and asking for directions.

phaya thai station bangkok

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 33

Merry California Christmas

Back home in the Philippines we have started a Christmas tradition with the whole family on my mother's side. It includes my grandparents, my mom and her siblings and all their children. We all go to this hidden Tagaytay vacation home that we always book for Christmas eve until the 26th. We play games and sing karaoke all night. When the clock strikes 12 we hug and greet each and everyone Merry Christmas. We end the night by exchanging and opening our presents.

The next morning we take our family photos, attend mass and eat at a hillside restaurant. That has been our Christmas tradition for four years already since 2008. Last year marked my first ever Christmas away from home and family since I was... born.

tagaytay christmas
My family celebrating Christmas at Tagaytay

I was blessed to have a very kind Godfather whose welcoming family took me in for six months. During the duration of my stay they have introduced me to American holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Christmas would be a fitting end to my California getaway. It was a celebration of Christ's birth, new friendships formed and a happy farewell for me because I was flying back home on the 28th.

San Francisco
My US family, my brother Borj, Ninong Jun and Tita Madel at San Francisco

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 32

Safari World Bangkok: Safari Park

Safari World

Part 2: Safari Park

Safari Park is the other half of the Safari World estate. If the Marine Park is where intelligent animals perform tricks to the delight of the humans, the Safari Park is where they chill and act naturally not giving a rat's ass over the visitors admiring their raw musk and ungroomed furs.

The Safari Park is a miniature African Savanna that stretches 8 kilometers and lasting a 45 minute slow drive. It is the closest encounter you can experience with the animals of the wild in their natural habitat. If you like to see the animals up close, you will not be disappointed. The herd of animals are literally right off the car's pathway. You can easily capture good photos without having to get out of the car or zoom your camera to blurriness.

Here's what I was able to capture from the right window of our van in chronological order. I wasn't able to capture any photo from the left side so God know's what exotic animal I missed.

The uncooperative ostrich. It won't bring its head up until the car was far enough for a close shot.
safari park bangkok
Zebras chomping down dry grass.
safari park bangkok

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 31

Safari World Bangkok: Marine Park

Safari World

Part 1: The Marine Park

On the way over we were kinda hesitant going to a zoo being a group of 8 adults but as it turned out Safari World is not just a zoo for the children. It doesn't just have animals for display to take pictures with. It is a leisure park for the whole family to enjoy. My cousins and I were in our early twenties and together with their mom and one uncle we enjoyed exploring the zoo tremendously like giddy little children.

Safari World Marine Park
My aunt, uncle and cousins at Adventure Island

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 30