Travel Must-Haves: Travel Notebook

Travel Notebook

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Travel Notebook

Aside from your travel documents, tickets and money, the most important paper you will be using is your travel notebook. Not all travellers have one or use one but it is very useful for solo travellers especially if you are going to a country where English is not widely spoken. Here I will show you how to pick a good travel notebook and what to write in it. This notebook is more like an organizer or a planner and not a journal so don’t bring a blank notebook. It must be loaded with essential information to make your journey faster and easier. Travel notebooks are only helpful if the contents are useful otherwise don’t even bother bringing one. Before writing anything the first thing to do is picking the best notebook for you.

1. It must be handy. It must be small enough to fit in your pockets or small purses but still big enough to paste a whole lot of printed maps or articles.
2. Texture. Blank or lined, smooth or rough, soft or hard covers, cover and paper designs. It doesn't matter. It depends on your preferred pen and how you write. What matters is you like writing in it and it won’t tear easily.

3. Avoid the spirals. It’s bulky and not ideal for pasting. Go for the sturdy machine stitched ones that are bendy.
4. Length-wise is ideal. The length of the notebook must be longer than the width. Or in common terms, it should be tall and slim not short and fat.  Square notebooks are fine but it might not fit into pockets or small handbags.
5. Thick or thin? 40-50 sheets is perfect. It makes 80-100 pages and 40-50 spreads. Enough for everything important you need to write before leaving and still have enough pages left to write on during your travel.  It should be thin enough to carry inside your pocket but still thick enough to be able to write legibly on unstable surfaces especially on your lap.
I bought my travel notebook at Dimensione. If I remember correctly its P120 for a set of three with different but all travel related designs. The set includes one lined, no-lines and graph style pages. I chose the one without lines because I like to write with little space between the lines.
Now that you have chosen your travel notebook let’s fill it up with necessary information.

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