My Three Week Southeast Asian Trip Summary ( Week One)

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Argo Parahyangan

Tangkuban Perahu

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 14

From Gambir To Bandung: My First Indonesian Meal And Train Ride Ever

I arrived at Jakarta at 11:30 pm and being the cheapo that I am I slept at the airport instead of booking a hotel for just 6 hours. Fresh from my 2 hour nap, I jumped on the first Damri Bus headed to the Gambir Station which cost 20000 RP.
The sun wasn't up yet and the notorious Jakarta traffic jam hasn't started neither. The bus ride was fast with a only a few stops. I was kinda getting comfortable and about to doze off when the bus arrived at Gambir.

At 5:30 in the morning Gambir was already packed and busy. People are coming and going nonstop at Jakarta's  most important train station. The Gambir train station is Jakarta's gateway to the entire Java island. People can go to Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Surabaya straight from this station.

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 13

Travel Must-haves: Travelus Passport Holder

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor an advertorial.

Have you ever scrambled for your airline ticket at the bottom of your backpack while checking-in at the airport? Did you ever had to spread open your suitcase at the hotel lobby to look for your booking ticket and passport?

When traveling to different countries ditch your signature leather wallets and opt for a handy travel wallet that can carry all your valuable documents in one place. This Travelus passport holder is God's gift for travelers. It is great for backpackers who constantly lose documents on the road and even better for mommies who brings the whole platoon when travelling.

Before my almost one month backpacking in Southeast Asia I only bought two new things that helped me tremendously during my journey. The first one is of course a sturdy, roomy and perfect fit TNF backpack and the second one is this nifty travel wallet that I scored on a discount voucher from a legit group buying site.
travelus passport holder

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 12

DIY Walking Tour: Chinatown, Singapore

Walking tour of Chinatown, Singapore

Getting there: You can go to Chinatown via the MRT boarding the North East Line from Harbour Front To Punggol. Alight at the Chinatown Station then head to Exit A to Pagoda street.

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 11

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 10

Chinatown Singapore Is A District That Apparently Sleeps And Serves Steamboat Buffet From Hell

Departing from Jakarta I arrived at Singapore to meet my cousin and uncle who arrived earlier from Manila. We left the Changi Airport at around 9:30 pm and rode the train directly from Terminal 2 and then alighted at Chinatown station in just half an hour. It is a known fact that Chinatowns exist throughout the world including non Asian countries and they pretty much all look and feel alike. And since Singapore is predominantly Chinese we were excited to see their own version.
Singapore MRT
inside a Singapore MRT

Hotel Reviews: Hotel Cihampelas 2 (Bandung)

Hotel Cihampelas 2

Address: Jalan Cihampelas 222 Bandung 40131 West Java Indonesia
Tel: +62 222043695 or +62 222035374

Booking and rates: Click here

Staff Performance               
 Hotel Condition/ Cleanliness        
Food and Amenities               
   Value for money               

Cihampelas Bandung
Cihampelas Jeans Street
The hotel is located at Jalan Cihampelas where the famous "Jeans Street" is found. The teen hotspot Cihampelas Walk is also 5 minutes away which is a cool place to eat and hangout at night. 

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 8


Yes To Travel: Reason No. 7

Awesome Locals I've Met: Ramly The Indonesian Taxi Driver

Touch down Jakarta. My 8:45 pm flight from Manila to Jakarta departed and arrived perfectly on time and I am not the least bit happy about it. For one I am arriving at a foreign country by myself without anybody to pick me up. Second, I don't know a single soul in Jakarta and the entire Indonesian archipelago. Third, I arrived at 11:30 pm. And last and definitely the worst, I need to wait for the first Damri bus to Gambir which is scheduled to arrive at 5:30 am. Damn you Cebu Pacific, only offering late night flights to Jakarta and arriving 30 minutes earlier than the ETA.

First things first, text my family that I arrived safely. Hell no, my cellphone's international roaming was not working. Maybe I can try skype or email. Another big no, there's no wifi at the airport. Now what? I am alone at the arrival hall while the passengers from the same flight are welcomed by their friends and families with huge smiles and air-conditioned cars.

Soekarno Hatta International Airport
One by one they left as the airport turns into a ghost town. Except there were no ghosts. I was surrounded by pushy, aggressive and downright annoying touts. I've heard of them and I'm ready for them. Just look straight and walk away. Avoid eye contact at all costs. Nope, it didn't happen. They were hovering around me like bees talking crap until I stopped walking aimlessly because I seriously didn't know where I was going.

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 6

Transportation Guide: Jakarta Airport to Bandung

Jakarta Airport to Bandung

Bandung is the capital city of West Java province in Indonesia. It is the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Subaraya. The city known as Paris Van Java for its resemblance to Paris and European atmosphere during the colonial times is a favorite getaway for Jakartans.

There are three ways to reach Bandung straight from the Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

1. Primajasa Bus
Operating hours: 12:30am-4:00pm every 30 minutes
Fare: IDR 75,000
Destination: Batununggal
Primajasa Bus
Primajasa Bus at Batununggal

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 5

10 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Hotel

10 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Hotel

1. Location. If you have to choose between a quality hotel in a bad location and a budget hotel in an excellent location for the same price. Choose the latter. Location trumps price. Booking a cheap luxury hotel in an awful location only to spend most of your time and money in the long distance commute is not worth it. A good location means that you have a lot of choices to go eat, have a drink and entertain yourself all within walking distance to your hotel. Known as the backpackers area are Pham Ngu Lao or District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, Gang I and II in Yogyakarta  and Khaosan Road in Bangkok.
Khao San Road
Khao San Road

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 3

13 Things You Must Write In Your Travel Notebook Before Leaving

What to write on your travel notebook before leaving

1. Inspiration. Since this will be your travel bible you must be able to open it and find instant inspiration. Reserve the first page for your travel inspiration. Write quotes, paste photos of the places you want to visit, checklist of things you want to experience. Basically put whatever that will encourage you to go travel. This page can also cheer you up from your homesickness during your travel.

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 2

Travel Must-Haves: Travel Notebook

Travel Notebook

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Travel Notebook

Aside from your travel documents, tickets and money, the most important paper you will be using is your travel notebook. Not all travellers have one or use one but it is very useful for solo travellers especially if you are going to a country where English is not widely spoken. Here I will show you how to pick a good travel notebook and what to write in it. This notebook is more like an organizer or a planner and not a journal so don’t bring a blank notebook. It must be loaded with essential information to make your journey faster and easier. Travel notebooks are only helpful if the contents are useful otherwise don’t even bother bringing one. Before writing anything the first thing to do is picking the best notebook for you.

Yes To Travel: Reason No. 1